With clary sage and cedar wood,
this candle will refresh and purify your home, makingit ready for a new

Packed with pure essential oil of Vetiver and chamomile, Focus candle will help reduce the effects of ADHD calming and focusing the mind. It is ideal during homework times or in the evenings, after a particularly busy and stressful day, creating the feel of a warm and welcoming home.

Thanks to the presence of sandalwood, cinnamon and eucalyptus, the Energy candle will balance excessive kapha dosha, that brings heaviness, laziness and excess mucous.

With chamomille, lemon, peppermint and sandalwood, the Peace candle will balance excess pitta dosha that bring irritability, anger, impatience, judgment, criticism, and jealousy.

Like a warm hug, this candle will make you feel comfy and peaceful.

Thanks to the presence of clove, geranium and cinnamon, the Warmth candle will balance excessive vata dosha that makes you feeling nervous, anxious or spacey.

With lavender, chamomile and vanilla falling asleep has never been sweeter.

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