All of our candles are handmade in Luxembourg and follow a strict 7-step pouring process.
Most candles in the market are made using automated machinery, requiring very high temperatures.
Why is this a problem?
Because pouring at such high temperatures causes a significant amount of fragrance to evaporate out of the candles.
So, while we would love to use automated machinery, we don't. This way we preserve most of the fragrance which is so essential to have highly scented candles.
It's our 7-step pouring process that has enabled us to produce healthy candles that have more fragrance from top to bottom.
The result is that Deeva Candles are so strong and so realistic you will think you have the real thing right in front of you! Whatever is the rose of Royal Gardens or the lemons and oranges of Amalfi Coast.
Our laboratory is situated in Goetzingen, Luxembourg. Our wax is 100% soy wax of organic origins and all the scents are from France, guaranteed free of carcinogenic substances.
And finally, all of our candles are made with a lot of love. This is the final secret ingredient to get the best scented candles possible.