About us

I'm Stefania and I'm so happy you're here to learn a bit more about Deeva Candles.
The word "Deeva" means "light" in Hindi and I chose this name because starting this activity brought light and happiness into my life.
After an education in Finance and many years of work in Finance in Italy and Luxembourg, I decided to start my own venture to be able to express my creativity and manage my family life.
With three children, life became hectic and sometimes stressful, full of new challenges like sleeping routines and homework.
I was always in a hurry and started neglecting my own well-being. My body started sending clear signs telling me to slow down. The stress was harmful to me, and I knew I couldn’t continue like this. That’s when I discovered Aromatherapy and Ayurveda.
This ancient holistic medicine promotes balance in all the aspects of your life as well as between the self and the environment.
With its inputs, I started questioning my whole life, learning how aromatherapy and Ayurveda could improve my life – and that of others. And that’s why I decided to start Deeva Candles.
All candles are personally handmade by me. They are all made of Soya wax. Soya Candles are Vegan – no animal cruelty (no bees!) and no paraffin – something you find in factory-made candles.
Every scent is a result of a long research process in Aromatherapy and Ayurveda and has the goal of transporting you into another world, even if just for few seconds, and help you deal with the grey and stress of everyday life.
I hope that my candles bring joy and peace into your life, as much as they have in mine!