Clove and Geranium candle Luxembourg, calm, vegan, gift for friend, relaxing gift box, natural soy candle, birthday gift for her

Relaxing and uplifting non-toxic soy wax candle, enriched with Clove and Geranium oils. Fresh and clean scent is a great addition to your holistic rituals at home or in the yoga studio. 

Like a warm hug, this candle will make you feel comfy and peaceful.

Thanks to the presence of clove, geranium and cinnamon, the Warmth candle will balance excessive vata dosha that makes you feeling nervous, anxious or spacey.


A warm clove accord with notes of geranium.


Clear jar 4oz +25 Hour Burn Time
Clear jar 8oz + 35 Hour Burn Time

Vegan / Natual Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
Hand-Poured in the Grad Duchy of Luxembourg